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Adias Pharell Williams

Sneaker for every occasion ?!

Then you found the right Sneaker Shop !

They are in every youth culture, you will find them in sport and every occasion in our daily lives. Clearly, shoes are not part of individual outfits, they are making up the small but important difference between personal style and Unit look. If you want the perfect look you have to wear also the right sneakers. Like in the fashion industry, there are different trends every season. If you're really interested in new styles we recommend
visiting Sneakerness or Pitti Uomo Florence. Whether your looking for cushioning, something lightweight, we offer boost soles Air Max soles, Asics Gel sole or from New Balance. Since1960 until today Sneakers got more popular then ever.  Thanks to the free market economy and globalization, new trends could spread much faster and faster. Now we find new trends every season. We are offering only limited and general releases. Stay up to date and subscribe our news letter.